Expert Programmer Series

Expert Programmer Series is designed and developed as a Robust and Generic Android Application Framework to help produce High Quality Educational Apps with minimal effort and absolutely no new coding requirements

  • No new coding required for creating a New Learning App
  • Just Add the new content, Quizzes/Tests, Programs etc. to the Database and your are ready with the new App
  • Get revenues from Google/Facebook ADs network and In-App Purchases

  • Our Fully automated framework supports wide variety of features :

    • Automated Login via Facebook Account
    • Chapter based content with basic 7 Advanced Categorization
    • 3 Level tests - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert level categorization of test Questions
    • Answers and Explanations for each Question
    • Compendium of Programs or anything similar
    • Compendium of Interview Questions and Answers - Categorized as Simple and Expert
    • Fully Integrated with Google and Facebook ADs Network
    • Fully Integrated with Google In-App Purchases to remove App Limitations
    • Fully Integrated with Custom Online Server - with Highly Secure communication mechanism

Sizzlesoft Labs presents its first Production in the Expert Programmer Series.

Expert C Programmer - A Simple yet highly powerful
Android App for Learning C Programming Language
very efficiently and easily

Specially designed chapter content

Basic and Advanced Topics

3 Level Skill Check

Answers and Explanations

More than 30 Tests

More than 700 C questions to solve

Compendium of 120 C Programs

Compendium of 120 Tricky
C Interview Questions & Answers

C Strengths & Weakness Analysis Module