Expert C Programmer

Expert C Programmer is a Mobile based Learning App for 'C' Language. The course content of this app is targeted such that learners find it very easy to use, easy to learn and check their skills instantly with the varied level Tests - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Anyone, starting from Students, Teachers and Software Professionals can use this app to either learn C from scratch or enhance and polish their already existing C Skills or even take it to a new level of confidence by taking the Expert Level Tests

Elegant Interface

Very simple and elegant User Interface to provide you everything in a few clicks. You can simply login using your Facebook account.

Simplified Learning Process with Specially Designed Content

We have specially focused on the content and have designed it for very focused learning.
Our content provides you with the concept along with various real life examples to make you understand things in a much better manner.

The whole course of C Programming is carefully divided into categories i.e. Basic, Advanced where Advanced Mode of learning is for C Programmers and Enthusiasts who want to be the real expert in all aspects of C including the next level concepts

Content for each category has been designed keeping SIMPLICITY as the key goal

Check your C Skills - Time bound - Difficulty Level based Tests

As an experimental technique, our learning mechanism does not follow a chapter based test approach where tests will be given to users at the end of each chapter. We provide 3 Levels of Tests - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Level.
And these are time based tests which will force the users to train their brains to think quickly

Users are expected to gain the knowledge first and then enhance that knowledge more by taking the tests in all 3 Levels. Each question is designed such that the users will be forced to think more about applying the concepts of C, rather than just remembering content by-heart.

Skill Check - With Explanations and Answers - On demand

Every question in every test will have a "View Answer" and "Explain Answer"
"View Answer" will actually show which option is the answer for that question. "Explain Answer" will explain the answer briefly. All questions will not have an explanation. Only the tricky and tough questions will have an explanation as of now.
This will help users to clear their doubts and be more sure about the concepts they have

Compendium of more than 110 C Programs

Provides more than 110 C Programs covering a variety of requirements and logics for your reference. The objective is that you see the question and try to attempt it youself and then verify it with the Program Solution. The questions are carefully chose to cover various aspects of C Programming

Compendium of more than 120 Simple and Tricky C Interview Questions

Provides more than 120 specially chosen C Interview questions so that you can prepare for any C interview confidently. Moreover, we have categorized the questions into Basic and Advanced also. The objective here again is that you see the question and try to answer it youself and then verify it with the Answer.

Strengths and Weakness Analysis (SWAT)

This will show your proficiency level of each learning category of C. The proficiency level will be calculated on the basis of Percentage scored in the answering questions of the related categories, in all tests taken till now.

The goal of SWAT is to show the user his Expertise in each learning category of C. In that way, users would be able to know in which areas they are Weak or Strong. And they can always focus on improving the weak areas.

It allows you to clear SWAT level scores and restart again. This is needed when you want to restart the test process afresh, and take all the tests from beginning and see how you have improved.

Added bonus is that, you can send the SWAT report to your Registered email ID any time.