Expert C Programmer - F.A.Q.

Why Optional Facebook Login is needed ?

We have made Login Optional from this time. You need to Login only to access the below features:

  • We use Facebook Login only to create an Online Account in our Server. No other info from your facebook Account can be accessed by us other than your Name, Email & Country
  • We have a strict Privacy Policy and these info are stored in Secure Servers and would never be shared outside
  • By logging in you can -

  • See your World & Country Rank among other C Programmers and See if your are in the World Top 50 Rank board
  • Send your Strengths & Weakness Analysis Report to your Email
  • Get First Time Test Results via Email
  • Provide Feedback/Issues/Suggestions directly from the App
  • Get Emails from Sillzesoft Labs regarding Promo Codes, Offers, New Additions, Release details etc.
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Now, we have made Login Optional and you will be required to login only to use the above features.

1. Why this App ?

Expert C Programmer is a Mobile based Learning App for 'C' Language. The course content of this app is targeted such that learners find it very easy to use, easy to learn and check their skills instantly with the varied level Tests - Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Anyone, starting from Students, Teachers and Software Professionals can use this app to either learn C from scratch or enhance and polish their already existing C Skills or even take it to a new level of confidence by taking the Expert Level Tests

2. Skill learning Content

  1. The whole course of C Programming is carefully divided into categories
  2. Categories are also divided into 2 Parts - Basic, Advanced where Advanced Mode of learning is for C Programmers & Enthusiasts who want to be the real expert in all aspects of C including the next level concepts
  3. Content for each category has been designed keeping SIMPLICITY as the key goal
  4. Code examples and explanations included in each category

3. Skill Check Feature :

As an experimental technique, our learning mechanism does not follow a chapter based test approach where tests will be given to users at the end of each chapter. Rather, we have isolated the Learning & Skill Check as 2 different parts of the whole process. Users are expected to gain the knowledge first and then enhance that knowledge more by taking the tests in all 3 Levels. Each question is designed such that the users will be forced to think more about applying the concepts of C, rather than just remembering content by-heart. And the Online test score will be updated only once i.e. when you take the test for the first time.

  1. 3 Levels of Tests Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Level
  2. Test Timeout : Each Test will have a Timeout period within which you have to complete and submit the test for evaluation. If you fail to that, then the test will be submitted automatically at the end of the timeout period with whatever answers you have selected till then.
  3. Locked Tests: Every test in each level will be Locked by default, except the 1st test. Once you complete a test for the first time, then the scores will be stored in your User Profile.
    This will also unlock the next test in that level if you score more than 60% in the test. If you don't score 60% or more, then you can always re-take the test and unlock the next level, but your Online score will not get updated anymore for the test.
  4. Viewing Answers & their Explanations : Every question in every test will have a "View Answer" and "Explain Answer"
    "View Answer" will actually show which option is the answer for that question. "Explain Answer" will explain the answer briefly. All questions will not have an explanation. Only the tricky and tough questions will have an explanation.
    If you want an explanation of a certain question then you can send us amessage and we will try to incorporate it in the next Update of the App Note: This is a Premium feature available by Purchase only. You can see the Purchase/Upgrade page for more Purchase options/combinations and prices.
  5. Expert Level Tests : Only 1 expert level test will be visible by default. And no more tests will be visible even if you complete the first expert test. You can Unhide all the Expert level tests by Purchasing it in our Purchase page

4. SWAT -Strength and Weakness Analysis Technique

This will show the proficiency level of each learning category of C The proficiency level will be calculated on the basis of Percentage scored in the answering questions of the related categories, in all tests taken till now.

The level is decided by percentage score :

  • >= 85 : Expert
  • 70 - 85 : Proficient
  • 60 - 70 : Beginner
  • 40 -60 : Weak
  • < 40 : Very Weak;

The goal of this module is to show the user his Expertise in each learning category of C In that way, users would be able to know in which areas they are Weak or Strong. And they can always focus on improving the weak areas.

Clearing SWAT Scores :

We have given a facility to clear SWAT level scores and restart again. This is needed when you want to restart the test process afresh, and take all the tests from beginning and see how you have improved. Note: This will not change your Online Profile score for the tests that you have already taken

Sending SWAT Email Report

You can always send your SWAT Analysis to yout registered email anytime.

5. C Programs - More than 110 Programs

We have provided more than 110 C Programs covering a variety of requirements and logics for your reference. The objective is that you see the question and try to attempt it youself and then verify it with the Program Solution.

6. C Interview Questions - More than 120 Questions

We have provided more than 120 C Interview questions so that you can prepare for any C interview confidently. Morover, we have categorized the questions into Basic and Advanced also. The objective here again is that you see the question and try to answer it youself and then verify it with the Answer.

7. Your rank in the World among all Users of this App

Based on the first time scores of all the tests you have taken, you would be able to see the Top 20 scorers and your rank among all.

8. Feedback / Suggestions / Bugs / Issues

You can always send us your requests and concerns from the Feedback Page
You can send us info about : Any Bugs, issues or suggestions or even new features that you want to see in our app.

9. Upgrading & Unlock Options

We also need some help in making this app available to all of you and doing improvements to it.

What all you can Purchase ?

  1. Go Ad-free As we are a small team with no funding, so ADs are our only finanical support But, you can always remove the ADs by purchasing the Ad-Free item from the Purchase list.
  2. Unlock Answers for Tests You can make purchases in the following modes : i. Each Test ii. Pack of 5 (like 1-5, 6-10) iii. Full Level (Each level like Beginner, Inter, Expert) iv. All Levels (All the 3 Levels)
  3. Unlock Answer Explanations for Tests Note: Unlocking explanations will automatically unlock answers without any need to purchase separately You can make purchases in the following modes : i. Each Test ii. Pack of 5 (like 1-5, 6-10) iii. Full Level (Each level like Beginner, Inter, Expert) iv. All Levels (All the 3 Levels)
  4. Unhide Expert Level Tests Make all the expert tests visible. (They will still be locked and you need to complete tests to unlock the next one)
  5. Unlock test levels without taking tests Unlock test levels directly without you having to take a test.

  6. You can make purchase in the following modes :
    i. Each Level (Beginner, Inter, Expert)
    ii. All 3 Levels

  7. Go Premium - Unlock and Unhide everything

  8. The best purchase option which will make the App completely Unlimited without any Restrictions. Nothing remains locked after this. Full access to everything for lifetime